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Don’t Get Tangled Up with Outdoor Home Lighting

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 28, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Jaron Henkel

Setting the mood, illuminating your home’s best features, adding an element of security to the property - there are many reasons why you might invest in outdoor home lighting.

Even the most basic properties can benefit with functional landscape lighting, and if you are thinking about selling your property, outdoor home lighting will certainly boost buyer appeal.

When outdoor home lighting is installed, it will change the overall ambiance of the home. Today, homeowners have virtually limitless options when it comes to outdoor lighting design, themes, and styles. Take your time and do your research, then call a qualified lighting electrician to install and hide all the wiring, keeping your home’s exterior looking fantastic.

Common Types of Outdoor Home Lighting

By familiarizing yourself with some of the more common types of landscape lighting, you can decide which fixtures fit your outdoor decor style. If you are striving to boost curb appeal for your property, look into LED wall lighting.

This kind of outdoor lighting can be installed near windows, or can be used to draw attention to shrubs, flowers, trees and plants. Illuminate dark pathways, driveways and sidewalks to give your landscape lighting that extra touch.

For a traditional touch, add a rustic feeling with lanterns and torches. It is also possible to install solar-powered lanterns and torches, which will reduce your carbon footprint and decrease energy usage.

If you don’t want the lighting to be fully exposed, think about hiring a professional to fit cove lighting. A preferred choice for illuminating signs, swimming pools and other ornamental features, cove lighting tends to stand the test of time, since these fixtures contain long-life LED bulbs.

Considerations for Outdoor Lights

Did you know that there are three main types of outdoor home lighting? They are accent, ambient and task. Before you contact a professional electrician for installation, identify outdoor areas where lighting is needed and assess the square footage. By doing so, you can estimate how much wattage is necessary for adequate lighting. Lights that are encased in weather-resistant materials will have a longer lifespan.

Are you contemplating using outdoor lights for security purposes? In this case, it might be worth looking into your options for outdoor motion lighting, as this type of lighting will detect movement on the grounds of your property.

Extending the Life of Outdoor Lights

The longevity of a bulb depends on how often outdoor lights are used, operating temperature and operating voltage. Maintaining the wiring will prevent problems and by investing in trusted brands, you can expect the lights to encounter fewer issues. Out of all the bulbs out there, LED bulbs are known to last the longest, with the average LED bulb producing 25,000-50,000 hours of light. Thanks to their instant glow and ability to withstand cold temperatures, LED’s are the perfect solution for outdoor home lighting.

If you would like to know more about outdoor home lighting, give our team at Southwest Florida Electric a call. We have years of experience and know how to make your home shine like a star at night.

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