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Generators That Keep the Lights on During Hurricane Season

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 30, 2017 2:51:59 PM / by Jaron Henkel

Don’t be left in the dark this hurricane season! Southwest Florida Electric offers a wide variety of generators, so you won’t find yourself fumbling through the dark for a flashlight. What’s the right solution for you and your budget? Read on as we discuss just a few of the types of generators we carry to help you decide which is best for your needs.


Gas-Powered Emergency Generators

Gas-powered generators are portable units intended to be placed outside a home or small business in the event of a power outage. These units don’t require special installation, they can be stored away in a garage or shed storage area and rolled out as needed.

These are a great, economical choice if you are looking to power just a handful of things, have a space to store the unit when not in use, and don’t mind keeping some gas and a few extension cords on hand.


Emergency Automatic Backup Generators for Partial or Whole Home Coverage

Emergency automatic backup generatorswill switch on within seconds of a power outage and power your home for the duration of the outage. Running off of an LP gas tank or your natural gas service line, these are permanently installed units that sit outside the home, much like an air conditioner.

Different models are available to meet any of your power needs – whether you want to keep your home running as if nothing happened, complete with air conditioning, or you just want to keep the food cold, a few lights on, and microwave ready to heat dinner. Emergency automatic backup generators and whole home generator solutions are the right choice for you if you want hassle-free peace of mind, with no extension cords necessary.


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Emergency Backup Batteries

Emergency backup batteries provide ready power for emergencies via a battery system that can be installed inside the home. You may already have a small-scale version of this in your home or office near your computer, that offers a few minutes of power for you to save documents and shutdown systems in the event of a power outage.

Like automatic backup generators, backup batteries provide power automatically when an outage occurs. Battery backups are available in a wide range of outputs, from keeping the bare necessities powered like the refrigerator, a few lights to keeping the whole home running. A battery backup might be the right choice for you if you don’t want to store gasoline or LP gas on your property, you don’t have natural gas service to your home, and are looking for an automatic, low maintenance, hassle-free solution.


Commercial Generators

Need emergency power for more than your home? Commercial generators can handle the power needs for your business. Much like a home automatic backup generator, commercial generators switch into action when the power goes out, keeping your business up and running without interruption. If you are a business owner, a commercial generator is a smart idea to consider.

Ready to get set up with an emergency backup power solution? Contact us today and we can help you!


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