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How to Lower Business Energy Bills

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Jaron Henkel

Summer in Southwest Florida means air conditioning and likely the rise of energy bills for most businesses. There has been a steady trend over the last decade to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly business practices, all of which could significantly improve your bottom line.

Take a look at these five areas a Southwest Florida business can lower their energy bills.


AC Control

There have been many a parody over the years of office mates and their thermostat wars. At one point or another, we have all been at work (or at home) and someone thinks the thermostat is set too low or to high.

To save on energy bills, business owners or business management should take control of the thermostat. The fewer the people who can change the setting, the better chance it will stay on a steady temperature, saving energy costs.

A programmable thermostat is a great purchase for businesses. You can turn the AC up during the evenings and weekends when no one is in the office and have a set temperature through the week when employees are present.

Try to keep the AC at 78 degrees during the summer months when employees are in the building. This may sound high, but coming in from the humidity and likely mid-80’s to mid-90’s temperatures, 78 degrees will seem sufficiently cool and refreshing.

Office Equipment

Many computers and laptops offer hibernation modes for when they are not in use during the day. It is not efficient use of time to power computers off and on throughout the work day, but the hibernation mode will allow for less energy to be consumed.

Make sure that all employees are responsible for powering down equipment for the weekend. Though printers and computers may not be used during the weekend, they will still draw power if they are turned on. The same goes for microwaves, coffee makers, and vending machines. If these can be turned off at night, on weekends, and during holidays, you can expect to see a big drop in your energy bills.

If you have a break room in your business with refrigerators or microwaves, consider switching to energy star rated appliances. Older appliances can draw a much greater amount of power than newer energy efficient models and are worth the replacement costs in energy savings.


A great deal of money can be saved by strategically planting trees outside of your business. Check with local ordinances and your landlord too if you rent your building, before planting trees near the building. 

Trees planted to shade windows can have a cooling effect in the summer. These same trees will help cut back on wind hitting your building in the winter, helping to keep your building warm during the cooler months.

LED Light

Switch Light Bulbs

This is a really common switch many homes and businesses already, but consider using CFL and LED light bulbs instead of halogen. These use significantly less energy and last for much longer than other types of bulbs, saving you the cost of buying new light bulbs as well.

Don’t forget to look for bulbs to switch out in things like lamps as well. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference when it comes to lowering your energy bills.

If you are interested in an LED Retrofit, Southwest Florida Electric Inc. is ready to help you. Our services can help your businesses keep your energy consumption, and energy bills low year round. Call our customer service team to set up your appointment today!


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