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Parking Lot Lights are Never out of Reach

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 26, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Jaron Henkel

It’s best not to keep your customers in the dark… especially if they are walking through your parking lot at night. After all, this is southwest Florida - there are snakes, gators, and all kinds of creepy crawlers. For the sake of your employees and customers, use a commercial electrician to maintain every aspect of your business’ lighting.

When your parking lot lights do burn out and you can’t reach them, call a commercial electrician who has an extending bucket truck. Not all companies have the equipment necessary to replace the light or broken glass, and also fix issues with the light pole itself. If you want a timely and professional repair, call the southwest Florida electrical company that can reach any light!

Save a voltage (joltage?) with LED retrofitting

If you’re ready for a brighter and more efficient option - and who doesn’t want to save a few more bucks - maybe it’s time to replace your traditional parking lot lighting with new LED lights. LED lighting is becoming increasingly common in Naples, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral for streets, public walkways, parking lots, and parking garages.

By retrofitting your parking lot floodlights with commercial LED lights, you’ll have clean directional lighting that minimizes the need for reflectors, while also saving energy by emitting less heat than traditional floodlights.

Need a lift to fix your parking lot lights?

Our bucket truck is standing by to give you a lift up to your parking lot lights. From Cape Coral to Naples, Southwest Florida Electrical has the tools to maintain every bit of your commercial parking lot lighting, but also retrofit your lights with the latest LED technology. Our truck is already gassed-up, we’re just waiting for your call!


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