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What To Do When your Generator Needs Repair

[fa icon="calendar"] May 14, 2018 12:39:13 PM / by Jaron Henkel

As spring wears on and summer approaches, Southwest Florida thunderstorms start rolling through more regularly and the potential for a power outage increases. Making sure your generator is in good working order is high priority.

How do know your generator is ready to be called into action? What do you do if it isn’t? Read on as we discuss this and more.

Generator Fix

How Do I Know My Generator Needs Repair?

If your generator isn’t operating the way it did when it was first installed, there might be something going wrong. Just as with your car, at the first sign of trouble, it’s best to have it checked out. Small problems can cascade into bigger, more costly issues if they aren’t taken care of in a timely manner.

Here are some signs your generator needs attention:

  • Fuel Problems - Your generator hasn’t been operated in a while; it’s got bad or old fuel in the system, as well as sludge in the tank or lines.
  • Startup Delays - Your generator doesn’t start right away, hesitates, or doesn’t power up at all.
  • Visible Damage - Wires appear loose, worn, or frayed. The generator has been visibly damaged by a storm event or pests.
  • Inconsistent/No Power - The generator is providing power, but not consistently; the things using generator power keep turning off and on.  Or, the generator is not providing power at all - it either doesn’t start up at all or starts up and appears fine, but isn’t providing any power.
  • Strange Noises and Smells - The generator is running, but unusually loud. The generator is making an unusual squeak, hum, rattle, etc. There is an unusual smell coming from the generator.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

While this advice isn’t much help if your generator is already failing, it still holds true. Routine maintenance will help identify any potential problems before they become severe. Aside from this, regularly scheduled maintenance can extend the life of your generator and improve its’ efficiency, saving you money in the long run.

Southwest Florida Electric offers maintenance plans for all types of generators, in both commercial and home applications.

Go with a Pro

While it may be tempting to try and service your generator yourself, as with any electrical repair, this can be dangerous - you could get hurt (or worse), you’ll void any warranty, and you may cause more damage that a licensed, certified technician (like Southwest Electric) will have to repair.  

The same goes for hiring a general handyman or other unlicensed, uncertified repair professional; you run the risk of further damage to your generator from improperly performed or haphazard work, which may be apparent immediately or down the road when something fails that might not have if it had been cared for by a certified professional.


Bottom line, if your generator is in need of repair or if you are ready to start a regular maintenance schedule, contact a licensed, certified professional to do the work like Southwest Florida Electric. Southwest Florida Electric services generators of all types and sizes, from small, home emergency backups to large commercial generators in all of Lee County.


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