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Surge Protection

What  is  a Power Surge?

Power Surges are split-second increases in voltage that travel along electrical, telephone and cable lines. Surges can be caused by birds, small animals, falling trees, or vehicles crashing into power poles, but the most obvious is lightning.

Whatever the cause of a surge, the results can be devastating as they can wear down or permanently damage electronics in your home such as light bulbs, televisions, computers, appliances, and even mobile devices charging from your electrical sockets.


Why Purchase Surge Protection?

Surge protectors control surges directly where your home’s power is distributed: your breaker panel.

With whole-home surge protection in place, light-bulbs and electronics will last longer because they will no longer receive surges from larger appliances. Not only will you save money, you can also feel better about your television, computer, and mobile devices being safe from large surges.


How it Works

A meter base surge arrester is installed behind the electric meter to help prevent high voltage spikes and surges from entering your home and sending voltage into your large appliances.


Want to Learn More?

SWFL Electric offers surge protection to help you prevent unnecessary financial loss.  Contact us today to speak with a member of our team who can answer all your questions about Surge Protection.

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