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The Current - SWFL Electric's Info Center

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Before, During & After a Florida Storm

6 Signs Your Generator May Need Repair or Servicing

10 Ways to Stay Cool Without Power or AC

7 Tips for Maintaining & Servicing Your Portable Generator

What Type of Generator or Backup Power Supply Do You Need?

4 Big Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Home Generator

3 Signs It’s Time for an Electrical Ballast Replacement

No Power to an Outlet? Here’s How to Troubleshoot

Cummins Standby Generator Review: Which Wattage is Best: 13, 17, 20kW?

How Long Can a Generator Last? Factors that Influence Runtime

What Size Generator Do I Need? Whole House Generator Sizing Made Easy

Generac vs. Kohler vs. Briggs & Stratton - Generator Sizing Guide

Whole House Generator Costs: How Much Will You Really Pay?

Which Fuel Type is Best for Standbys? The Pros & Cons of Propane vs. Gas Generators

Best Home Standby/Backup Generator Guide

Ultimate How To Guide For DIY Electrical Projects

When to Call an Electrician vs. Your Power Company

How Do Backup/Standby Generators Work?

How To Put Out An Electrical Fire

Choose SWFL Electric for your Residential Electrical Needs

What to Do When Your Circuit Breaker Trips

How Electric Car “Friendly” is Florida? Tax Credits, Benefits & EV Charging Station Locations

Halogen, CFL & LED Light Bulbs: What’s the Difference & Are They Worth It?

GFCI vs AFCI: Understanding Your Receptacles & Breakers

Childproof Outlet Tips for Tamper Resistant Protection

Make the Switch: The Benefits of an Electric Tankless Water Heater

Protecting Your Home During Thunderstorms

Don’t Get Burned By Your Faulty Smoke Detector

How to Lower Business Energy Bills

10 Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

9 Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills

Kohler Generator vs Generac Generator

Getting Homes Ready for the Migration Back North

Bad Wiring? Let Us Get Rid of Your Shorts.

8 Reasons to it’s Probably Time to Install a New Electrical Panel

Stay Grounded With Surge Protection

The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Electrical Projects

Could you survive a month or more without power?

Generating Peace of Mind

The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Electrical Projects

How a Kohler Generator Can Save Your Business

Before You Buy a Portable Generator: Read This

What Size Generator Do I Need to Power My House During an Outage?

Electrical Safety Tips For Fall

Generac Named as a top Home Standby Generators for 2017

DIY Portable Generator Repair Tips

Frequently Asked Questions about Generac Generators

Where Should You Place Electrical Outlets in Your New Home?

The 411 on Surge Protection

How to Plan Your Home Renovation Wiring and Lighting

Are You Due For an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Tips for Surviving a Summer Power Outage in Florida

Why a Generac Standby Generator is the Superior Choice for Your Southwest Florida Home

What To Look For When Choosing an Electrician

How to Choose a Generator Size When You’re In the Dark

Top Considerations Prior to Purchasing a Generator

Why Your Southwest Florida Home Needs a Standby Generator

Don’t Get Tangled Up with Outdoor Home Lighting

How to Change a Parking Lot Light

Why you should choose a standby generator for your southwest Florida home

Parking Lot Lights are Never out of Reach

Getting to Know Your Circuit Breaker

How to Install a Ceiling Fan...Without Killing Yourself

The RIGHT Way to Install a Dimmer Switch

The Dangers of an Outdated Electrical Panel

7 Reasons You Need a New Electrical Panel

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