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Getting Homes Ready for the Migration Back North

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Jaron Henkel

If you call Southwest Florida your home for the winter, but head North for the rest of the year, you know there’s lots to think about before migrating North in the spring. Here’s a list of some things you’ll want to be sure to check off before making the trek.


  • Bring all patio furniture in, secure anything outside that might blow around in a tropical storm.
  • Thoroughly clean all appliances, including the grill, toaster, microwave, blender, coffee maker. Be sure the dishwasher and washing machine are wiped completely dry after your last use before heading out. Any food residue is an open invitation for ants and roaches – likewise, moisture invites mold and algae.
  • Schedule an air conditioning checkup, or at very least change the air filter. Set the thermostat to 85 - high enough to keep the power bill low while keeping humidity low.
  • Be sure any non-perishable pantry items are sealed away from bugs in airtight containers and remove any food that may rot. Clean out trash cans and recycle bins after the last pick up.
  • Southwest Florida’s summer storms mean plenty of lightning. Have important appliances like refrigerators and freezers, television/entertainment centers, computers, and water heaters are connected to reliable surge protection. (Need help choosing the best surge protectors for your needs? SWFL can help.)
  • Turn ceiling fans on to the lowest setting and open all interior doors for better air circulation. Don’t forget to leave closets open too, airflow will help your stored clothes from smelling stale.
  • Cover sinks, toilets, and any open floor drains with plastic wrap to prevent the water from evaporating out of the trap (which would allow sewer gas to enter your home).
  • Put at least one light on a timer or have smart switches installed that allow you to turn lights on and off remotely.
  • Set out Terro ant baits in areas near pipes that enter the home, in bathrooms, and any other areas you notice ants when you are home.
  • There are two different schools of thought on hurricane prep. You can install any hurricane preparedness measures you have – better to come back to a secure home in the event of a storm. Or, you can leave shutters off and have a friend or neighbor or home watch service set them in event of a storm – better to look like an occupied home for security reasons.

Any electrical maintenance that you have on your plan before heading North should be taken care of by licensed professionals. SWFL Electric is here for all of your electrical needs. Contact us today!


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