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The 411 on Surge Protection

[fa icon="calendar"] May 31, 2017 12:11:26 PM / by Jaron Henkel

Surge Protection. While it isn’t the most thrilling topic when it comes to home improvement, surge protection is incredibly important and is something every homeowner should know about. If not, the lack of information can prove not just costly, but dangerous.

 If you have expensive electronics in your home, including a computer, television, or entertainment system, surge protection can single-handedly save your devices in the case of a power spike. Without them, your electronics will be fried and important files, photos, and memories could be lost forever.

The worst case scenario? A power surge could start a fire, endangering you and your family, and potentially destroying your home and everything in it.


What is a Power Surge?

A typical electrical outlet is designed to pump out a steady current of electricity at all times. This ensures your electronics have the power they need to perform at their best anytime they’re plugged in. 

It’s when these outlets see a spike, a higher voltage for a second or two, or a surge, a higher voltage that lasts a few seconds or more, that can be detrimental. Both spikes and surges can result from natural occurrences like lightning strikes or even during power outages. They can also happen if your electric company’s power grid experiences a malfunction.

When the surges or spikes reach your outlets, your devices can become overwhelmed, severely damaged, or fail altogether. What’s the best outcome without surge protection? The power spikes weaken your electronics until they eventually fail slowly over time.


What is Surge Protection and How Does it Help?

Surge protection directly controls the amount of power your devices and appliances receive, even in a power spike. Surge protection works to ensure your expensive electronics see no harm during a power spike or surge, whether that means saving them from failing slowly or preventing them from becoming instantly fried.

A surge protector is specifically designed to contain the extra power during a spike or surge while ensuring your devices only receive the standard (and safe) amount of power. Protectors are typically sold in strip-form, meaning they resemble a power strip with multiple outlets. 

While having a surge protector handy is always a good idea, real surge protection starts with your home’s main electric hub—your breaker panel. That’s where Southwest Florida Electric can help. With years of experience and safety training, our expert electricians can prevent costly and dangerous damages by installing surge protection right into your breaker panel to protect your entire home from surges and spikes. 

Quick tip: Surge protection at the panel is a one-time charge when you get it from an electrician like SWFL Electric. Larger power companies such as Florida Power & Light ( FPL) charges a monthly fee to do the same exact service.

Having surge protection throughout your home will ensure crucial electronics, like a baby monitor or home security system, won’t fail when you need them the most.


Protect Your Home

To learn more about our Surge Protection Service click here. Let us help you protect your home from surges. Contact us today to speak with one of our certified electricians.

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