Fort Myers Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, installing an EV charging station at home can make owning one much more convenient. Call the experts at Southwest Florida Electric in Lee County and ask about our charger installation options.

Whether you’ve just purchased an electric vehicle or getting one is soon, you’ll thank yourself if you install an EV charging station in your home.

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Benefits of a Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric vehicles are superior in many ways to cars that run on gasoline, and as the industry grows, more charging stations are popping up in key areas.

However, they’re not going up quickly enough for many people, which is why they’re opting to install charging stations at home.

If you own an electric vehicle or are thinking of purchasing one soon, here are the main benefits of installing a charger at home.

Cost Savings
After the initial installation expense, your charging costs will be cheaper than using public charging stations.

Also, many charging stations give you real-time energy usage data for tax purposes, which can give you rebates or breaks.

It’s Faster
Most home EV charging stations charge a vehicle to full capacity more quickly than public stations. And while there are rapid charge points, they’re more expensive.

It’s More Convenient
An electric vehicle charging station gives you greater control over your charging schedule because you don’t have to rely on public access points or wait in line to charge your EV.

It’s Better for Your Battery
The battery in your electric vehicle is like the battery in your smartphone or computer in that they wear out more quickly with frequent charging.

Charging your battery to near capacity is better than charging for a few hours a day on public chargers.

Having a home charging station makes this much easier to do.

It’s More Compatible
Many electric vehicles require you to use a brand-specific charging station. However, most home chargers are compatible with a wide array of EV car manufacturers, making them a better choice if you buy an EVE from another manufacturer.

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Things to Consider When Installing an EV Charging Station at Home

As mentioned, you probably won’t have to worry about compatibility being an issue when you opt to install a charging station at home. Still, there are a few things to consider before going down this road.

How fast do you want to charge your vehicle? All level 2 chargers use 240V, but the charging speed differs based on the amperage or your electrical current. The need for speed depends on how far you’re driving the vehicle and your driving style.

If your car has less range, or you have a long commute, you will benefit from a fast charger.

Another thing to consider is how much room you have in your electrical panel. All level 2 chargers require a 240V connection, so you must choose a charger with the amperage level compatible with your vehicle.

The National Electrical Code requires that the electrical circuit be rated for 25% more amperage than your charger’s output.

If possible, install your charging station as close to your electrical panel as possible because running a conduit from the panel to the charger can be expensive.

If you’re considering installing an EV charging station at home, speak to one of our certified electricians. Call us at (239) 745-5020.