Does a Home Need a Standby Generator?

Every Home Benefits From Having a Generator

Homeowners are no strangers to sudden power outages. Sometimes, all it takes is a mild thunderstorm to knock the power out. This can spell disaster for people who work from home, have family dependent on medical equipment, or otherwise don’t feel like sitting in a dark and uncomfortable home for hours.

Thankfully, there’s a solution: whole-home generators. These supplementary devices can keep the electricity and appliances running even when the electrical grid is down. Here, one can learn if their home would benefit from having a generator installed and how it helps the entire household.

rainGenerators Benefit Homes in Areas With Heavy Rain or Storms

Here’s a scenario Florida homeowners know all too well. A storm or hurricane brews outside, knocking out the power. Soon, the house gets drafty, humid, and plain uncomfortable. With a generator, homeowners can avoid the uncomfortable inconveniences of power outages, as they can keep the electricity and appliances like water heaters and heating and air conditioning systems on.

HVAC systems not only heat and cool homes but also help maintain good indoor air quality by controlling humidity. When they cannot be used due to an outage, the home can deal with uncomfortable temperatures and a humid and muggy feeling indoors. A standby generator also allows for the continued use of the water heater, so nobody is stuck taking cold showers.

power outageGenerators Benefit Houses That Frequently Lose Power

Some homes and areas, like Florida, are more likely to experience power outages than others. This is also an issue with older homes, residences by the beach, and mobile homes. If a house loses power more than a few times a year, it can benefit significantly from a whole-house generator installation. When the power goes out without a backup generator, homeowners risk:

  • Food spoiling: Meat, dairy products, and other food can spoil in hours if the refrigerator and freezer lose power. A backup generator prevents this by supplying power, helping homeowners save money on replacing spoiled food.
  • Having medical equipment fail: Some individuals rely on breathing machines and medical devices that must remain plugged in. When a home loses power, a generator can help keep these devices working and residents safe.

Generators Benefit Homes That Lose Power During the Summer Heat

Some electrical systems can’t take the heat––literally. When it gets too hot outside, the heat can strain the power lines, and the electrical system may cease operations until the heat dies down to prevent fires and other scares. There’s no controlling the heat, and when power outages strike. However, homeowners can control what happens when they lose power.

A whole-home generator keeps the power on, including the air conditioning, so the summer heat doesn’t become dangerous to residents, keeps them cool and comfortable, and ensures that homeowners don’t have to risk losing access to their appliances, electronics and other necessities.

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