Frequently Asked Questions about Generac Generators

Hurricane season is upon us, so you are probably thinking about assembling your hurricane kit, checking batteries in the flashlights, stashing them anywhere you can think of – you know, just in case the area finds itself on a first name basis with a tropical storm and your power goes out.

What if you could take a big chunk of to-dos off that preparedness list? Sure, maybe you’ve thought about having a “standby” generator installed, but your neighbor has some gas generator he picked up a few years back, and it seems like a hassle. What’s the difference between a gas generator and an automatic generator anyway? Why get an automatic generator at all?

We know you’ve got questions, so let’s get some answers.

What is an automatic backup generator?

An automatic backup generator is a dedicated backup electrical power system that operates automatically whether you are home or away. Within seconds of a power outage, the backup generator will charge into action, providing power directly into your home’s electrical circuit breaker box. When the power returns, the unit will automatically shut down, ready for the next outage. Here’s a quick video demonstrating how it works.

Why should I buy an automatic backup generator? I can just get a portable one.

There are several reasons that make an automatic backup generator a better choice overall:

  • When it comes down to it, automatic backup generators are a safer choice. Don’t just take our word for it—the American Red Cross recommends permanently installed backup generators as a safer way to provide emergency power to a home than a portable generator. 
  • Automatic backup generators run on your home’s natural gas or LP supply, which is less expensive to run that gasoline and doesn’t need to be refilled. Don’t get left in the dark because your generator ran out of gas!
  • They provide ready and automatic protection whether you are home or away, automatically starting up within seconds of a power outage. No need to deal with hauling a heavy portable generator outside, possibly in the rain, running extension cords through the house, deciding what gets power at the last minute – and if you are away from home, the unit will turn off when the power is restored. 
  • Generac generators are built to withstand the elements, with sturdy corrosion and rust resistant aluminum enclosures, perfect for the high-humidity and salty air here in Southwest Florida!

Can I just install it myself? I’m pretty handy.

Generac, HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that you use only an experienced, authorized Generac installer, like Southwest Florida Electric. This is for your safety, and to be sure the work is up to state and local electrical code standards. Your electrician or generator dealer must also be certified to work with natural gas. Any damage caused by an improper installation will void your Generac warranty. Southwest Florida Electric is an authorized Generac installation and service dealer, so you can trust us to get the job done right! 

How do I know what size generator I need for my home?

That’s best left to the professionals. Contact us and we will help you determine the best choice for your needs!  We’ll discuss things like what would you miss if you lost power? Would you want just the basics, like a few lights, TV, microwave, and refrigerator – or would you want complete coverage of your whole home, as if you were powered by utility power? Southwest Florida Electric offers a full range of automatic backup solutions, and we will help you choose the best one for your needs.  

What if I have a problem or my generator needs maintenance?

Just like your air conditioner, you should schedule regular checkups and maintenance for your generator. Also, we are currently offering a FREE extended warranty for Generac products, so if for some reason you do have a problem, you’ll be covered. Southwest Florida Electric is an authorized Generac service provider, so we have you covered from installation to maintenance, to warranty work, if needed.

If you feel like you are still in the dark about automatic backup generators, or if you feel like an automatic backup generator is the right choice for your home, and you want to take advantage of our free warranty with purchase, contact us today, we are here to help!