6 Reasons Florida Homeowners Love Kohler Generators

Here in Southwest Florida, you don’t want to be caught without backup power come hurricane season. We all remember Hurricane Irma, September 2017’s catastrophic storm. After the storm, 99% of the population of Florida was without power. It took almost two weeks before the power companies reestablished power— and even towards the end of September, there were still more than 70,000 outages in the state.

If you’re looking for the right generator to power your home, there are really only a few brands worth your time— in our opinion. Kohler is one of them.

Let’s review some big reasons by Kohler is a trusted source for home backup generators in Florida and beyond:

1. Kohler generators have a long-standing history.

Since 1920, Kohler has been the leading expert in quality generators. That means their brand is over 100 years old at this point, making them one of the oldest generator manufacturers out there. Even Generac, who we also love, has only been around since 1959. They’ve had decades to perfect their patents and products while building their reputation.

2. Kohler generators come with a premium warranty

One of the main reasons that homeowners buy Kohler generators is because of the premium warranty that comes with every product. Most of Kohler’s home backup generators come with a 5-year, 2,000-hour warranty, plus corrosion-resistant enclosures that are built to last.

You can even purchase extended limited warranties which cover parts, labor and dealer travel for the duration of the 5-year warranty period. Still not happy with that? You can extend warranty coverage to 10 years. Now there’s one to include in that 5-Star Kohler generator review!

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3. Kohler generators come with convenient remote monitoring.

Keeping with the growing digital age, Kohler offers remote features for monitoring your generator away from home. You can view real-time power status and manage your entire system— the automatic transfer switch, optional Load Control Module and other technical parts— from your phone.

Other generator brands like Generac charge more for added remote perks, but Kohler does not. 

4. Kohler generators feature very powerful engines.

Professionals turn to the power of the Kohler Command PRO OHV engine as a benchmark for commercial power. The fact that it’s on residential units like Kohler’s RESC 20kW speaks volumes and proves this generator’s strength!

Kohler engines are made to last, enduring heavy workloads and powering your entire home in just ten seconds. It’s also why Kohler generators have received several awards, including the Most Valuable Product (MVP) Award 2010 by Building Products magazine.

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5. Kohler generators come in a variety of sizes

From Kohler’s Kohler’s RESV 12 kW or Kohler’s RCA 14kW, this manufacturer has a variety of small-to-medium-sized partial-house standby generators. A generator from anywhere to 7-11 kW can often power basic circuits in your home, such as your fridge, sump pump, garage door, etc. It’s a wattage that typically supports the “essentials” and is often ideal for small homes or partial home functionality during an outage. While a medium-sized generator often packs enough punch to power your essential circuits, as well as a few comfort items. For instance, they are typically used to power living room outlets, indoor lighting and your alarm system— if you have one— in addition to all the basics mentioned in the small-sized generator category.

But Kohler also offers large-scale power for big homes or commercial use. If you don’t want to go without any luxuries, a 20 kW generator is likely an ideal fit. These units can typically power multiple large air conditioners alongside hot water heaters and a well pump. This is a great wattage for those who would like to maintain all their regular household operations during an outage, including outdoor lighting and sometimes your entire electrical panel. Large houses can often require more “commercial” power, but a 20 kW generally does the trick for most homeowners!

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6. Kohler generators are trusted everywhere.

Kohler generators are trusted nationwide in a range of different kinds of businesses and homes. In addition to residential power, Kohler backup generators power hospitals, nuclear power plants, even the National Weather Service— according to their website!

Fully Authorized Kohler Dealers

Trust us, you’ll rest easy knowing that you have total reliability when you have a Kohler generator working for you.

You could buy your Kohler generator from a big box store like Lowes or Home Depot, but they won’t be there to help you with maintenance or service down the road. Here at SWFL Electric, we’re certified service providers, licensed to offer repair and routine maintenance for Kohler generators.

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