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Surge Protection


A power surge occurs when your outlets see a drastic increase in voltage. If sustained for a second or longer, this spike in power can shoot electrical current through your devices and “fry” them with an overload of current.

Surges can be caused by birds, small animals, falling trees or vehicles crashing into power poles, but the most obvious is lightning.

Whatever the cause of a surge, the results can be devastating as they can wear down or permanently damage electronics such as your light bulbs, TVs, computers, appliances and even mobile devices charging from your electrical sockets.


Slow Down There, Voltage!

While you can’t necessarily control if a tree falls on your neighborhood power lines, you can defend your electrical systems with surge protection.

Here’s how it works. A surge takes a small fraction of a second before it peaks. Surge protectors are designed to sense this impending increase in voltage before it strikes— triggering an instant re-route of electricity.

Instead of channeling the juice to your devices, it stops the surge in its tracks. Your expensive Kitchen Aid mixer and charging Mac laptop are fine, and your wallet left unaffected.


Building-Wide Surge Protection

You’ve probably heard of surge protective power strips, designed to guard a set of plugged in devices. These are great additions, but they’ll only keep inserted devices safe.

You could try to fill your entire home or business with bulky strips— or, you could install building-wide surge protection, with a meter base surge arrester.


How it Works

This surge arrester is installed behind your breaker panel, preventing high voltage spikes and surges from traveling to any of your devices or appliances.

Protect your assets with the help of our professional electricians, today. They’ll take care of the installation and offer all kinds of advice on safeguarding from thunderstorms, looking for signs of bad wiring and more.

Contact someone from our Southwest Florida Electric team through this form or give us a ring at (239) 307-0716. We’ll offer quick installation and assured peace of mind, before the next storm.

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