For Myers Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

If you run gas-powered appliances, installing carbon monoxide detectors are a must. Call the experts at Southwest Florida Electric Inc. in Lee County to learn more.

According to the CDC, over 400 people die annually from carbon monoxide poisoning, and approximately 50,000 people in the U.S. have to go to the emergency room for accidental CO poisoning.

While these numbers may seem low, they’re nonetheless tragic, especially when you consider that most of these cases could be easily prevented by installing carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house.

At Southwest Florida Electric Inc., we’re a locally owned electrical contractor serving residents throughout Fort Myers for over a decade. And, because our customers are our friends and neighbors, we want them to be safe and secure in their homes.

Our certified electricians can help protect your family by strategically installing CO detectors in your house to prevent accidental poisoning, hospital visits, or tragedies.

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5 Reasons to Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As mentioned, although the number of deaths associated with CO poisoning is low, you owe it to your family to take every precaution if you use gas-powered appliances, fireplaces, or wood-burning stoves.

If you don’t think installing carbon monoxide detectors is worth the trouble, here are five reasons that may make you reconsider.

Preemptive Warning
Many homeowners that use gas or coal-burning appliances fear CO poisoning and with good reason. Carbon monoxide poisoning is called a silent killer because it’s odorless and colorless and can seep through ventilation systems to affect breathing and organ function.

Installing CO detectors gives you an advanced warning of CO in the house before they reach dangerous levels, allowing you to take action before tragedy strikes.

Pinpoint Problem Appliances
Besides being a silent threat, CO leaks indicate that one or more of your appliances isn’t working properly.

While your health is the primary concern, you should also ensure that your appliances are in proper working order, and installing a carbon monoxide detector will help you identify the offending systems.

Remote Monitoring
Advances in technology allow us to monitor household activity from anywhere on our smartphones, tablets, or computers. For example, you can check to see who’s at the door, check whether the garage door is up, monitor your HVAC system, and some CO detectors allow for remote monitoring too.

Remote monitoring CO levels in the home allows you to be proactive in your overall safety when you’re not home so you can avoid dangerous situations that present significant health hazards.

Protect Vulnerable Family Members
Some family members living at home may not be able to do anything about dangerous CO levels as they infiltrate deep into the house. If you have young children or elderly relatives living at home, installing carbon monoxide detectors are crucial in keeping them safe and healthy.

Peace of Mind
Besides protecting your family members against the severe health consequences that come from CO poisoning, installing carbon monoxide detectors gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to worry when you’re asleep or away from the house for extended periods.

A carbon monoxide detector installation is relatively inexpensive, but the protection it provides is worth its weight in gold.

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When Should I Replace My Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

As we’ve seen, CO poisoning is no joke, and at the right levels, it can cause serious health complications and death.

Unfortunately, carbon monoxide detectors, like smoke detectors, aren’t set it and forget-it devices; they require replacement every so often to maximize your protection.

Here’s how to know when it’s time to replace your CO detectors.

Experts recommend replacing your carbon monoxide detectors every five to seven years; however, there’s more to it than that.

When your CO detectors reach the end of their lifespan, they often make chirping sounds that differ from their sounds when they need a battery change.

Newer models have digital displays that alert you to malfunction, and some systems have remote monitoring technology that allows you to see what condition your detectors are in quickly.

If you’re still not sure when is the right time to replace your CO alarms, call the experts at Southwest Florida Electric Inc. for an inspection.

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