Cummins® Generators

Do you have a backup plan for a power outage? Call the experts at Southwest Florida Electric Inc. in Lee County and find out why we recommend Cummins® Generators.

As a Fort Myers resident, you know it’s not a matter of when a storm or hurricane will hit, but when. And when these events occur, they often leave behind hundreds if not thousands of people without power.

With a Cummins® backup generator installation, you can live your life as usual during extended power outages.

And best of all, our experts are authorized Cummins® service providers, which means that if your generator ever needs repairs or maintenance, we have your back.

Compare that to the big-box stores that will sell you the machine but don’t offer any support afterward.

To ensure your family can weather the storms, call Southwest Florida Electric Inc. today to talk to one of our representatives about installing a backup generator.

If you’re suffering from constant breaker trips, call us and ask about our electrical panel repair.

Why Choose Cummins® Home Generators?

Because we live in a world where an accident or extreme weather can knock down power lines or take out the power grid, installing a standby emergency generator is worth considering.

But, with so many brands and models of generators to choose from, which one should you go with?

At Southwest Florida Electric Inc., we like Cummins® generators for several reasons.

Cummins® was founded in 1919 and has undergone over 100 years of evolution to become one of the leading manufacturers of residential and commercial generators in the market.

Their products are so reliable; they’re sold in 190 countries, which is why so many people and businesses in Florida rely on them for power during an outage.

Better Performance
Cummins® generators perform better than most others on the market because they can transfer an electrical load within 10 seconds during a power outage, which means you have virtually no interruption in electricity.

Durable Components
Cummins® manufactures their generators using strict quality control methods and guidelines. Their systems undergo hundreds of hours of testing before they go out the door to the consumer to ensure they perform flawlessly for years.

Low Noise
Nobody wants to be that neighbor that annoys everyone else on the block with a noisy generator that runs all day. You don’t have to worry about that with a Cummins® generator because Cummins® designs their systems with a double enclosure around the main generator to dampen the noise.

Fuel Efficient
Cummins® home generators provide unparalleled fuel economy and can run on propane, natural gas, lean-burn gas, or diesel.

Self Diagnostics
You’ll always know the state of your generator, thanks to the advanced technology Cummins® uses in their home generators to diagnose its function and performance.

When you purchase a Cummins® generator from Southwest Florida Electric Inc., not only do you get a reliable system, but you have access to a certified team of professionals when you need repair, maintenance, or service.

Your appliances and gadgets are susceptible to irreparable damage from power surges, but you can protect yourself with a whole house surge protector.

Our Selection of Cummins® Generators

Whether it’s an emergency backup generator for your commercial business or a partial home generator for your residence, Southwest Florida Electric Inc. has the model to give you the juice you need to keep you going no matter what.

Most Cummins® generators come with a 5-year, 2,000-hour warranty guaranteeing against defects, and extended warranties are available for purchase.

If you're curious about installing a backup generator, call us today at (239) 745-5020 to schedule an appointment.