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Benefits of LED Light Replacement

Updating your home’s lighting is a cost-effective and simple home improvement option that offers many benefits because an LED retrofit is more straightforward than starting from scratch and replacing the entire system.

Here are the key benefits of swapping your current lights with LED bulbs.

LED Lights Are More Energy Efficient
Most people know that LED lights save energy over traditional bulbs, but they don’t realize how much.

LED lights use about 15% as much energy compared to regular incandescent bulbs, and some studies show they can reduce energy costs by up to 80%

Also, LED lights can run for up to 10 hours a day and last for up to 10 years because they don’t rely on fragile glass or filaments, making them more durable and safer.

LED Lights Burn Brighter in the Cold
Whether you’re retrofitting your indoor or outdoor lighting system, LED lights are a better option because CFL lights burn brightest after warming up, which can take several minutes after you turn them on.

LED lights burn bright at all temperatures, including near freezing, so you never have to worry about them not working during cold weather.

LED Lights are Safer
Most people don’t consider their home lighting system dangerous, but fluorescent lights can cause ultraviolet radiation that can cause skin burns at the cellular level without you noticing that it’s happening.

And we don’t need to mention the dangers broken fluorescent bulbs present when broken.

LED lights are a safer and superior option in many home lighting schemes.

If you’re interested in how an LED light installation can improve your home’s energy efficiency and lighting system, call one of our certified experts to book a consultation.

Best Spots in the Home to Install LED Lights

Today, homeowners have a wide variety of LED lighting solutions available that open up many creative options for home illumination.

So, let’s look at some of the best spots in the house that can benefit from an LED light installation.

Ceiling Coving or Cornice
Adding LED strip lights in the ceiling or coving is an inexpensive way to add visual flair and interest to virtually any room in the house.

Many people opt to add LED strip lights to add subtle accents, highlight details, and add ambiance.

Another place to consider putting LED lights is on your stairway, either below the railing or underneath the tread.

Not only does this give your stairway a unique appearance, but it also makes it safer to navigate at night without having to turn on the bright overhead lights.

Do you want to impress your guests with your vast library or books or your collectibles? Consider a subtle LED light installation to highlight your shelves.

Most bathrooms have a light fixture positioned over the mirror, which casts a shadow on your face, making it more difficult for grooming or applying makeup.

You can incorporate LED lighting into your mirror to give you directed light that eliminates shadows without the need to add new fixtures or rewire the bathroom.

The great thing about LED lights is that they come in many colors and styles, and most systems sync with smart home devices for greater control.

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