Fort Myers Smoke Detector Installation

A smoke detector installation can save your and your family's lives. Call Southwest Florida Electric Inc. in Lee County to ensure your home is protected!

There are many household chores that demand your attention, and it’s easy to put some off more than others. However, installing or replacing your smoke detectors should be a top priority.

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Southwest Florida Electric Inc. also provides professional carbon monoxide detector installation.

How Many Smoke Detectors Do You Need?

Most homeowners realize the importance of installing smoke detectors throughout the house, especially if they have children.

However, many don’t know how many they need and where to place them to ensure the home is adequately covered and that everyone will hear the alert should something happen.

The size and layout of the house determine how many smoke detectors you need and where you should install them.

Each bedroom should have a smoke alarm installed as a general rule of thumb. Each floor with a bedroom, including the basement, hallway, family room, and near the stairs, should be equipped with a smoke detector.

So, do you need an electrician to install your smoke detectors? Well, it depends.

If you’re installing battery-powered smoke detectors, you can usually do that yourself. However, if you want smoke detectors that are hard-wired (recommended), it’s best if you hire a professional.

Hard-wired smoke detectors connect directly to your electrical system, unlike battery-backed smoke detectors. Hard-wired detectors receive power from the main circuit, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to replace the batteries — a common problem, which can be deadly.

Also, some states require that smoke detectors be hard-wired.

Call the experts at Southwest Florida Electric Inc. today, and we’ll inspect your home and recommend the ideal smoke detector installation to ensure complete home protection.

How Often Should I Replace My Smoke Detectors?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should replace your smoke detectors every ten years.

Over time, smoke detectors become infiltrated by dust and dirt, which can inhibit their performance and wear down the sensors making them less sensitive to detecting smoke.

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Signs You Need Smoke Detector Replacement

Here are the most common signs that signal you must replace your smoke detectors.

Chirping Sounds
When a smoke alarm makes chirping noises, even if it’s hardwired to your electrical circuit, it means it needs attention. Chirping noises typically mean the battery or the smoke detector itself is going bad and needs replacing.

As mentioned above, replace your smoke detectors if they’re over ten years old.

You can check the age of your smoke alarm by checking the manufacturer’s date on the device.

If you determine that one smoke detector needs replacing, it’s best to replace them all at the same time.

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