Whole Home Generator Installation

A lengthy power outage can be frightening and dangerous, but you won’t have anything to fear with a whole house generator installation from Southwest Florida Electric Inc.

Southwest Florida Electric Inc. is a family-owned, locally operated electrical contractor that’s served Fort Myers residents for over a decade.

Our certified technicians undergo continuous training and deploy the latest technology to ensure you get the most reliable repairs and systems that are always up to current codes and standards.

Whether you need general electrical repairs or maintenance, you can count on us.

Our electrical panel repair and replacement ensure that you get safe, effective power for all your needs.

Benefits of a Standby Generator Installation

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Another hurricane is bearing down on Florida.

Even if it’s not a full-blown hurricane, it’s only a matter of time before another storm touches down in this region, causing downed power lines and leaving hundreds without electricity.

Being without power isn’t only inconvenient; it can be dangerous for some residents. So, if you’ve never considered installing a standby generator, here are a few things that might change your mind.

Protect Your Food From Spoilage
One of the biggest problems of losing power is how quickly food spoils.

According to the CDC, refrigerated or frozen foods can spoil in as little as 4 hours in a refrigerator and 24 hours in a freezer.

A standby generator ensures your food supply remains safe.

Uninterrupted Electric Supply
A lengthy power outage can be devastating if you rely on electricity for medical equipment. Also, because so many of us work from home these days or run home-based businesses, having an uninterrupted power supply during an outage allows you to remain productive.

Continued Use of Water & Appliances

If you’ve ever lived through a prolonged power outage, you’re likely aware of the limitations it puts on your water usage, especially access to hot water.

Without a standby generator, you’ll be forced to take cold showers and won’t have access to hot water for cooking or washing.

Also, imagine not being able to use appliances like your oven or microwave and relying on chips or cold soup for sustenance.

Although the cost of installing a standby generator may seem high, the cost of living for days without power could be a much heftier bill, not to mention the stress of being without electricity.

Call Southwest Florida Electric Inc. today to discuss your standby generator installation options.

Our Generator Repair Service

If your generator won’t start during an outage, it’s the wrong time to try troubleshooting it with a flashlight. Call Southwest Florida Electric Inc. to ensure your system is ready to go when you need it most.

There are many reasons why a generator can fail – batteries die, wiring gets loose, oil leaks, and starters fail. The biggest problem is that most of these issues occur inside the machine without any visible indication that something is wrong.

Whether it’s a fuel problem, startup delay, or something else, you can’t afford for your generator to fail when you need it most.

At Southwest Florida Electric Inc., our certified technicians are fully authorized to service Generac and Kohler machines.

Not only can we troubleshoot what’s causing your generator to malfunction, but we can repair it as well.

And, if your generator is still under warranty, we can get it working again at little or no cost to you.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential generator installation, our electricians can provide service to customers throughout Fort Myers, FL. No job is too big or small, and we back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Protect your home’s electrical system and your valuable appliances and devices with a whole home surge protector.

Our Generator Services

Standby or portable. Partial-home or office-wide. Electric or gas. You name it; we’ve got you covered.

If you’re still not convinced why we’re the best solution in Fort Myers, FL for generator repair and installation, check out what makes us different from any other supplier in the area.

We’re specialized in all forms of generator installation, including:

  • Electric Generators
  • Gas Generators
  • Standby Generators
  • Home Generators
  • Automatic Power Generators
  • Emergency Backup Generators
  • Whole-home Generators
  • Partial Home Generators
  • Commercial Generators

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