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Our Indoor Lighting Solutions

Many homeowners would love to update their indoor lighting but don’t know where to begin or which system is best.

At Southwest Florida Electric Inc., we like to think of ourselves as the Swiss Army Knife of lighting. To make your home shine brightly, we offer complete lighting solutions to help you save energy and get more enjoyment out of your home.

Track Lighting Installation

Track lighting is an excellent way to provide focused lighting to specific areas throughout the house.

Track lighting is versatile and easily mounted to walls, beams, rafters, or ceilings, depending on your needs.

Because track lighting is easy to install and versatile, let’s check out some reasons to consider it.

One of the primary benefits of installing track lights throughout the house is their versatility.

Natural light is finicky. Sometimes it’s bright and sunny, and other times it’s dark and gray. Also, because the light changes throughout the day, it can be challenging to maintain consistent light in the house.

By strategically placing track lights throughout the house, you can get bright, appealing light regardless of what it’s doing outside.

Track lighting systems come in various materials and styles, which means you can match them to virtually any interior design scheme.

Space Savings
Hanging lights from the ceiling or mounting them to your walls eliminates the need to take up valuable indoor real estate with lamps and other lighting solutions.

Many light fixtures are immovable once installed; however, this isn’t a problem with track lighting.

Perfect for Small Spaces
If you live in a small house or apartment, you know how valuable indoor real estate is.

Instead of cluttering up your room with lamps, consider using track lights to provide the illumination you need without using up floor space.

Recessed Lighting

Another option homeowners have to improve their indoor lighting is recessed lighting.

Recessed lights differ from track lights and hanging lights because they’re installed above the ceiling line.

Here are a few benefits to consider upgrading to a recessed lighting solution.

Wider Coverage
Because recessed lights are spread throughout the ceiling, they provide broader, more even coverage, unlike lamps which create bright spots around the room.

Space Savings
Like track lights, recessed lighting systems free up floor space and make the room appear larger.

Directed Lighting
Let’s say you want to focus lights on a particular part of the room to spotlight a portrait or highlight a piece of artwork. Recessed lights are ideal for this. And, if you add a dimmer switch into the mix, you can create a breathtaking scene.

Energy Efficiency
Lastly, many recessed lighting systems run at lower voltages than other lighting fixtures, which can save you money over time on your electric bills.

For more indoor lighting options, call one of our expert electricians for a consultation.

Improve Your Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to household lighting, there are few rooms more critical than the bathroom; it’s the room most people go into when they wake up, and it can set the tone for your day.

Knowing this, here are a few tips for making your bathroom lighting safer and more pleasing.

Recessed Overhead Lighting
Instead of relying on a single overhead light in the bathroom, consider upgrading to a recessed lighting system.

Recessed ceiling lights spread the light out more evenly through the room and aren’t typically as harsh as overhead lamps.

Sconces are an excellent and cost-effective way to light your bathroom mirror properly. Beefing up the lighting around your mirror makes shaving, grooming, and putting on makeup much easier and more precise.

Shower Lighting
An overhead shower light is a must, especially if your shower doesn’t have a clear glass door. We say it’s a must-have not because you can’t get clean in a dim shower but a brightly lit shower can put you in a better mood to start your day.

Ambient Lighting
Adding ambient lights throughout the bathroom is a good substitute if you don’t have natural light coming through a window or skylight.

An excellent source of ambient lighting are cove lights, which can be hidden behind molding several inches below the ceiling to add a soft glow around the room’s perimeter.

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