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Benefits of Dimmer Lighting

Dimmer switches have been around for decades, but many homeowners still don’t take advantage of this technology.

Here are some of the key benefits to consider making the switch.

Energy Savings
Installing dimmer switches is an excellent way to take control of your home’s energy usage.

Having the option to lower the intensity of your lights and decrease the amount of power they consume can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Added Ambience
Besides saving energy, dimmer switches allow you to instantly change the ambiance in any room by adjusting the light levels.

Sure, you can accomplish this by purchasing different lamps and light bars, but why go through the expense and hassle when you can achieve the same effect with greater control by using dimmer switches.

Increased Bulb Lifespan
Constantly using light bulbs at full capacity causes them to burn out more quickly.

Indeed, light bulbs aren’t expensive, but using dimmer switches to dial back the energy consumption can add years to your bulb’s lifespan, which means less hassle changing them when they burn out.

Installing dimmer switches is a cost-effective way to add functionality to your home’s lighting system and save money at the same time.

Best Locations for Installing Dimmer Switches

When most people think of installing dimmer switches, they think of the dining room or the entry hallway. However, replacing your current switches with dimmer switches makes sense in rooms throughout the house.

Think about how much more pleasant it would be to start your daily routine without bright light assaulting your eyes. Installing dimmer switches in the bathroom provides a more leisurely, less jarring transition from night into day.

Also, if you enjoy nighttime baths by candlelight, using dimmer switches gives you the same effect without the hassle and risk of using candles.

Most of us don’t need overly-bright lights in the bedroom. A bedroom is a place to rest and unwind, and the lighting in there should accommodate that.

Studies show that reducing the light in the evening puts your brain in sleep mode, making for better sleeping habits.

You’ll indeed want bright light for some kitchen tasks, but lowering light levels can come in handy, especially in the morning to help you ease into your day or if you’re a late-night snacker.

Living Room or Den
Installing dimmer lighting in the living room or den gives you the flexibility to transform those spaces into a movie theater and then crank up the lights when it’s time to read or engage in a task that requires more light.

One area that many people overlook when installing dimmer lights is the porch, but think about it; dimmer lights allow you to turn up the power to see what’s going on outside, then dial it back for overnight security while saving energy.

As you can see, dimmer lighting has practical applications throughout your house.

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