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How to Save Money on the Electric Bill With Holiday Decorations

Use Energy-Saving Decorations This Holiday Season The holiday season is a time for celebrations, food, games, and decorations! More energy is typically consumed during the holiday season to make celebrations extra special, with string lights outside houses, on Christmas trees, and plenty of other festive decorations. However, energy consumption does not have to drastically increase […]

Choosing the Right Outlet

Home Electrical Outlets with Safety Features There is never a wrong time to give a home’s electrical outlets a closer look for safety. Homeowners might have noticed that some of their home’s outlets differ in function and appearance. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), childproof outlets, and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) are the outlets with […]

Electrical Systems 101: The Basics

Understanding the Basics of Electrical Systems Electrical systems are a fundamental part of many homes throughout the world. Electricity allows people to have light, enjoy electronic devices like TVs and computers, and keep food cold in refrigerators and freezers. But there’s a lot to electrical systems that many homeowners don’t understand. In this article, we’ll […]