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Choosing the Right Outlet

Home Electrical Outlets with Safety Features There is never a wrong time to give a home’s electrical outlets a closer look for safety. Homeowners might have noticed that some of their home’s outlets differ in function and appearance. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), childproof outlets, and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) are the outlets with […]

Electrical Systems 101: The Basics

Understanding the Basics of Electrical Systems Electrical systems are a fundamental part of many homes throughout the world. Electricity allows people to have light, enjoy electronic devices like TVs and computers, and keep food cold in refrigerators and freezers. But there’s a lot to electrical systems that many homeowners don’t understand. In this article, we’ll […]

Practice Electrical Safety This Month!

Importance of Electrical Safety It’s Electrical Safety Month! This is the perfect time to brush up on electrical safety knowledge and make sure homeowners are doing everything they can to keep themselves and their families safe. Electrical safety is important for everyone to learn. After all, electrical fires are one of the leading causes of […]

Let There Be Light

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA LIGHTING We Turn On The Lights! Dark parking lots and outdoor home lighting can create an unsafe environment for your prospective customers and your home. We have the team that can keep your property looking great with lighting and lighting design. Business (Lots of Light!) Southwest Florida Electric is more than just a team […]


RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICIAN SERVICES Power On The Right Way  Southwest Florida Homeowner Electrical Services: Energy-Efficient Lighting Controls General Home Lighting Services Rewiring Outlets Surge Protection Underground Services Cable TV Hookup Bedroom Arc-Fault Correction Outlet Upgrades – GFI and Grounding Electrical Panel Upgrades New Circuits Home Remodels and Additions Landscape Lighting New Construction Wiring Telephone and Data Installation […]


Breaker Panel Installation, Service or Replacement Your electrical panel has a lifespan, even if you aren’t seeing typical warning signs, like constantly tripping breakers or a switch that won’t reset. Your circuit breaker panel should be checked regularly for signs it’s time for service or replacement. Your electrical panel may need service if your: Wires are […]

Generator Repair

Let Us Be Your Back Up Plan If your generator won’t start, during an outage, now’s not the time to be troubleshooting a faulty generator by flashlight. Your family or business needs a quick fix, so that next time, you’re prepared. Luckily, we don’t just sell and install generators, we’re also certified technicians, trusted to […]


Factory Trained & Certified Dealers & Installers Need Help Choosing the right generator? When it comes to choosing a home standby generator, you have a ton of options. In our Battle of the Standby Generator Guide, we’re taking a look at three of the top brands of home generators, comparing similar models side-by-side to help […]