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Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Lighting

Beefing up your outdoor lights makes your home more attractive and safe. With the right outdoor lighting scheme, you can highlight specific areas on your property and deter burglars by illuminating hiding spaces.

Many homeowners would do well to upgrade their lighting systems, and here are a few places to start.

Entrance Lighting
The main entrance to your home should be well lit so that it looks welcoming and helps you identify visitors more quickly. Keeping the front entrance lit also makes it appear as if people are home and awake, discouraging would-be thieves.

One way to boost your entry lighting is to add wall lanterns on each side of the front door. These provide warmth and add security and curb appeal.

Also, if you have a porch or overhang, consider adding recessed lighting or fixtures close to the ceiling.

Garage Lighting
To increase safety and security, consider adding single fixtures outside the garage to improve security, especially if your garage is in a heavily shadowed area. Installing lights that operate with motion sensors is an excellent way to deter thieves and conserve energy.

Porch & Patio Lighting
Try adding low voltage mini-lights under stairs or benches to create a warm, inviting space for guests or a romantic evening. When installing lights around the patio and porch area, go for a more subdued look to raise the ambiance.

Choose the Right Size
One mistake many people make when adding lighting systems to their home’s exterior is choosing fixtures that are too small. If you don’t have an exact measurement of the area you wish to illuminate, it’s best to get a larger fixture than you think you’ll need to do the job.

If you’re still in doubt about how to improve your exterior lighting, call us for a consultation.

Landscape Lighting Ideas

When most people think about outdoor lighting, they think about utility. And while outdoor lighting systems are primarily to brighten an area, they can also be decorative.

Here are a few ideas to improve your home’s exterior appearance while making it brighter.

Highlighting is a technique in which you place spotlights at the base of an outdoor feature you want to draw attention to. If you vary the light’s distance and angle, you can achieve different effects and intensity.

Another idea to add illumination and beauty to your landscape is to create silhouettes. This technique is achieved by putting a landscape spotlight behind the structure you want to feature and aiming it at a wall to create an illuminated backdrop.

Wall Washing
Wall washing makes a calming, even glow that spreads across a wall or facade. Put the light fixture a few feet away from the structure and tilt it at an angle to get the best effect.

Accent Lights
Accent lights are perfect for drawing attention to a specific feature such as vegetation or a sculpture.

As you can see, there are many ways that upgrading your outdoor lighting can enhance your home’s beauty and security. Call us to schedule an appointment to find out how our lighting solutions can do this for you.

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