Fort Myers Home Electrical Safety Inspection

Do you know if your home’s electrical system is safe? When you call Southwest Florida Electric Inc. for an electrical safety inspection, you can have peace of mind knowing for sure!

At Southwest Florida Electric Inc., electricity is our business, and more than anything, we want our customers to be safe using electrical devices and systems.

Unfortunately, many people ignore their home’s electrical components because much of it lies behind walls or is otherwise out of sight and mind.

However, wires, outlets, and breaker panels can wear out over time, creating unsafe situations that put people at risk of shock or electrocution.

Call one of our certified technicians for a whole home electrical inspection to ensure your family is safe and your electrical system is up to code and delivers power efficiently.

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5 Reasons to Get an Electrical Inspection

People typically wait until there’s a problem with their electricity before calling for help. However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, which is why it’s better to be proactive and call for an electrical systems check-up before you run into trouble.

Getting routine electrical safety inspections keeps you safe in many ways, and here are the top five.

Protection From Electrical Fires
Besides shock and electrocution, one of the greatest dangers homeowners face with electricity is an electrical fire.

Electrical fires are triggered by overloaded circuits, outdated wiring, poorly done DIY repairs, worn-out outlets, and other hazards.

Many people are unaware of trouble brewing within their electrical system, which is why it’s beneficial to hire a certified electrician for routine safety inspections.

Save Money on Electric Bills
If your home’s electrical system isn’t running efficiently, you can waste a lot of electricity, causing your electric bills to spike.

With regular electrical system inspection, our professionals will locate areas of electrical waste and offer solutions to bring your systems back to efficiency and save you money on your utility bills.

Spot Outdated Wiring
As mentioned above, much of your home’s electrical system is hidden, and that includes your wiring. Unless you’re a professional electrician, you probably won’t notice the signs that your wiring is outdated and dangerous.

If you have an old electrical panel or all of your outlets are two-pronged models, chances are your wiring is outdated.

The longer you operate with old wiring and outdated equipment, the greater the chance for a catastrophe to happen.

Meet Inspection Requirements
If you want to sell your home, there are many things you must do to prepare it for the potential buyer, such as adding a fresh coat of paint and fixing minor cosmetic issues.

However, one task that many people overlook is their electrical system.

While it’s common to check light bulbs and replace outlets and switch faceplates, your home needs to be inspected by a trained professional to ensure it’s up to code, which is what any potential buyer will demand.

Hiring a certified electrician to inspect your home’s electrical system before selling it ensures it will pass any checks from a state or local electrical inspector.

Keeps Your Old Home Safe
Old homes have a lot of charm; however, there are many hidden dangers behind their walls, such as structural issues and electrical problems.

Many homeowners don’t keep their electrical systems up to date, and they fall into disrepair over time.

If your home is over 40 years old or older, it’s advised that you call a professional electrician to conduct a safety inspection to find and repair any dangerous issues.

With the help of our certified electricians at Southwest Florida Electric Inc., you can ensure that your electrical system is safe and your family is well-protected against shock and electrical fires.

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When to Get an Electrical Safety Inspection

While there’s never a wrong time to get a safety inspection, there are certain situations that make it more prudent than others.

The Electrical Safety Foundation recommends that homeowners get an electrical inspection in the following cases:

  • When you’re purchasing a home
  • If your home is over 40 years old
  • When you’re remodeling or doing a major renovation
  • If you’re adding a new, power-hungry appliance
  • If you’re experiencing frequent problems like breaker trips or flickering lights

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