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Fort Myers Beach homeowners and businesses turn to Southwest Florida Electric Inc. more than any other company when they need an electrical contractor. Why? Because we deliver high-quality service at competitive prices and a satisfaction guarantee.

Southwest Florida Electric Inc. is a family-owned company serving residents throughout Fort Myers for over a decade.

We strive to be the only electrician you’ll ever need and offer a complete line of services to handle any problem, no matter how big or small.

Our technicians are licensed and insured in all areas of electric repair, and their work is always up to current codes and standards guaranteed.

Here are some of our top electrical services.

  • Electrical Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Wiring
  • Commercial and Residential Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Home Wiring
  • Generator Installation
  • Outlet Replacement and Upgrade

Whatever electrical problem you have, you can count on Southwest Florida Electric Inc. Contact us today!

Why Hire an Electrical Contractor Instead of Doing it Yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with taking care of minor household repairs yourself. It saves money and gives you experience.

And there are plenty of videos on YouTube that will guide you step-by-step through practically any home project.

However, doing it yourself could have serious consequences when it comes to electrical work.

If you’re thinking about doing your own electrical repairs, here are reasons to consider hiring a pro instead.

It’s Safer
The safety of you and your family is of the highest importance. Thousands of people suffer critical injuries and death from electrocution and electrical fires every year because they attempted their own electrical work.

The fact is that no matter how many online tutorials you watch, it will never match the education and experience of a certified electrician.

It Saves Money
Most people do household repairs themselves to save money. However, in many cases, the opposite happens.

When you factor in the amount of time you spend doing research and purchasing tools, it’s easy to spend as much or more than if you’d hired a professional electrician.

It Protects You From Fire Hazards
More than 51,000 homes in the U.S. suffer fire damage caused by electric faults resulting from flawed electrical repairs.

A lack of knowledge about electrical repairs could lead to exposed wires and short circuits. And the unfortunate part about electrical fire hazards is they can remain dormant for years until it’s too late.

For the safety of your family and your home, call a certified electrical contractor for all of your household electrical repairs.

Our Outlet Repair Services

If you’re like most people, you don’t spend much time thinking about the outlets around your house. However, outlets wear out and can become dangerous if you don’t replace them regularly.

So, how do you know if your outlets are outdated and need replacing? Here are the signs to watch for.

Your Home Was Built Before 1965
According to the National Electric Code, all homes built after 1965 are required to have grounded 3-prong outlets. Grounded outlets protect you against shocks and your appliances and devices against power surges.

Damaged Outlet
If you insert a plug into a cracked or damaged outlet, the electric arc generated could shock or electrocute you or cause the device to short out.

Loose Plugs
Over time, the springs in the outlet wear down, and plugs won’t fit securely. Sometimes, the plug’s weight causes it to fall out of the receptacle. This isn’t only annoying, but loose plugs are fire and shock hazards and something you’ll definitely want to upgrade if you have small children in the house.

The Outlet Feels Warm
There are many reasons why an outlet might feel warm or hot, including damaged wiring, an overloaded circuit, or having too many devices plugged into a single receptacle.

Warm outlets aren’t to be taken lightly, as they pose a real risk of an electrical fire.

If you’re concerned about your home’s outlets, call one of our technicians for an electrical safety inspection.

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