Landscape Lighting Ideas to Brighten up Your Florida Home

When you pull up your driveway after a night out with the family, do you come back to a bleak, unlit home? 

You take pride in your house and want it to look just as inviting from the outside as it is in. While you can easily admire your beautiful landscaping when the sun is shining, all your careful design and aesthetic is hidden in the dark. 

Give your property a second wind of life all night long with these creative outdoor landscape lighting ideas for your Florida home:

Spotlight your focal points.

Everyone’s back and front yards have special nooks where their handiwork is at its best. Maybe it’s your front porch’s cozy seating area or your beautifully decorated entryway, where a touch of light makes them all-the-more inviting after the sun goes down. Or perhaps your backyard garden is your favorite spot to gaze, and a little light could bring it new life under the moon.

The same features you admire during the day can be illuminated with the right directional spotlighting. Shine a light on your towering 30-year-old palm tree to watch it sway in the evening breeze. Or brighten your elegant siding to show off your home’s sharp paneling and give your landscape some well-needed dimension from the street. 

Line your sidewalks with path lights.

After the sun goes down, your sidewalks can become tripping hazards for not only guests, but your own family as well. Even small elevations and crevices are easily missed, or your lovely garden all-too-easily trampled. It’s amazing how a few neatly lined lights can do so much to improve both the safety and the aesthetics of your walkways.

Invest in decorative pathway lamps with solar-charging properties, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries every few weeks. These handy solar garden lights can also help to cut back on your electric bill and reduce your emissions footprint— well worth the investment! 

Never underestimate the power of string lights.

There’s just something so classic and chic about a set of string lights draped overhead. Imagine them twinkling while enjoying a late-night drink on your patio furniture or socializing with loved ones under your open lanai. 

The nice thing about string lights is that they come in many different varieties. From the vintage Edison bulb to orbed lanterns, your string lights can match your specific outdoor decor and the exact mood you’re trying to create. Their low glow helps to gently brighten your landscape, creating an intimate bubble in the night for you and guests to relax in your own private “home-away-from-home.”

Bring the candles outdoors.

Directional LEDs work for flooding your property with enough light to see, but scattering a few candles throughout your front and back yard can bring a natural glow to your outdoor oases. 

Think outside of the box, beyond the centerpiece candle on your outdoor table. During nights when you’re entertaining guests, place floating candles in your hot tub or pool for an elegant look. Or, scatter candles across your outdoor ledges and side tables, or place them in your indoor window sills.

Consider “caging” your candles to keep them protected from rain or wind. Modern lanterns can elevate your aesthetic— on the ground, on tables, or hanging from overhead, wherever you can sneak them in. And how could we Floridians overlook the staple tiki torch? These tiny flames highlight soft features and breathe life and energy into your outdoor hangout. 

Flood your pool with light.

Let’s be honest, your pool is one of your favorite things about your backyard. Not only is it your cool-off savior during the day, but your lanai is also your evening lounge. Instead of only placing lights on tables or strung up around your pool, circle newly installed recessed lights around the blue. You could even shine lights down on it to watch the water glisten after hours.

If your home has other water features like a fountain or waterfall, these are other terrific focal points to spotlight. When guests are over, these are great places for floating candles, to add an intimate, “party” vibe to your landscape. 

Leave the lighting to the professionals.

Do you have a vision for a brighter outdoor experience, but don’t want to go around installing spotlights and replacing bulbs?

Our team is here to help. From complete landscape lighting design and installation to small adjustments, we’re SWFL’s Swiss Army Knife of lighting.

Explore our Residential Lighting Services and request a property assessment to discuss your bright landscape lighting ideas, today. 

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