Tips for Decorating With Outdoor Christmas Lights

Get a Headstart on Christmas Decorations 

Decorating for the holidays is a fun way to spend time with family and spread holiday cheer! This blog post shares tips from electrical experts on planning and preparing for holiday decorating. Shopping for new decorations and getting started on decorating early will help homeowners not feel rushed so they can enjoy the holiday. 

One of the reasons people don’t go all out with their Christmas decorations is because they want to avoid an electrical fire or increase their electrical bills. However, new Christmas decorations are safer and more energy-efficient than ever before. This blog shares a few tips for electrical safety so homeowners can have added peace of mind. 

Finding the Perfect Christmas Lights

lightsThere are all sorts of outdoor Christmas decorations for homeowners to choose from. Christmas yard decor can vary from simple white twinkle lights to massive inflatables. Homeowners can use more light-up decorations than ever with energy-conserving LED Christmas lights. There is also a wide array of colored lights to choose from.

Homeowners may want to pick a theme for their holiday decorations. Popular decorations include light-up reindeer, inflatable characters, and lights that project snow onto the side of the house. New holiday decorations offer an impressive array of colors and styles while using less energy. They are also safer than older electrical Christmas decorations. 

Practice Electrical Safety

safetyChristmas lights can be an electrical safety hazard if they are damaged or improperly installed. Homeowners should inspect Christmas yard decor and lights for signs of damage, such as frayed wires, before using them. Holiday decorations can become damaged in storage due to mice eating the wires or water damage. 

Plugging in too many electrical decorations can overload the home’s electrical system. When the breaker box works correctly, the system will shut off and cause a blackout when the electricity overloads the circuits. However, if the breaker box is not functioning correctly, the wires could burn through their insulation and start to spark. 

To avoid a house fire this holiday season, homeowners must ensure that they follow electrical safety guidelines. Most electrical decorations will display the recommended voltage and wattage on the product box or in its manual. Homeowners should also plug lights into surge protectors and protect them from water exposure. 

Eco-Friendly Holiday Lighting 

New holiday lights are less likely to cause a fire than old, traditional lights. LED Christmas lights do not heat up or use nearly as much energy as traditional incandescent lights. Switching out old holiday lights for new, modern additions can prevent house fires and save money on energy costs. 

The energy bill can already be higher in the winter due to heating costs. Using a lot of electrical decorations can add even more to the bill. Using eco-friendly alternatives such as LED or solar-powered lights protects the environment and helps homeowners save money for Christmas shopping. 

Using battery-operated lights is a good way to add extra decorations without overloading the electrical system. For maximum energy efficiency, use rechargeable batteries to power the decorations. Solar-powered lights charge during the day and light up at night using only the power from the sun. 

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