Tips for Surviving a Summer Power Outage in Florida

Summer is coming! In Southwest Florida, that means scorching heat, afternoon thunderstorms, and the inevitable blackout. What’s a Florida homeowner to do? Well, first of all, don’t panic.

We’ve got you covered with some great tips on what to do – and what not to do – to survive a Southwest Florida blackout.

Prepare Today for the Storm Tomorrow

Everyone has seen the grocery store bags and billboards with the hurricane preparedness checklists, right? Well, most of that list really applies to any potential power outage, hurricane, afternoon thunderstorm, construction mishaps, or even power grid problems.

Keep Flashlights Handy

Have several flashlights readily available around the house. Flashlights are a much safer choice than trying to fumble with candles for light. Be sure you have spare batteries!

Stay Charged to Stay Connected

Make sure your cell phone is well charged at all times and consider buying a car or solar charger, especially if you rely on your cell phone instead of having a corded landline in your home.  

Don’t Skimp on Sustenance

Keep a 3 day supply of water on hand – one gallon per person per day.  Also, keep some non-perishable food on hand, including a manual can opener.  Pack the empty space in your freezer with plastic containers filled with water. Not only will this give you additional emergency water, it will also help keep your fridge and freezer cool if the power is out.

Have a Backup Plan

Why take the chance of staying in the dark, worrying about your fridge full of food? Having a backup generator installed is a smart move for homeowners who want to stay comfortable through a blackout situation and enjoy at least the basics like hot water, cold food, and a few lights on as needed.


Keep Your Backup Ready for Action

Already have a backup generator installed? Chances are you haven’t thought much about it since the end of last hurricane season. Much like your car, generators need regular preventative maintenance in order to run their best. We can help with that, too. Contact us to schedule maintenance on your generator, and keep that investment ready to run when you need it.

So, the Power is Out. Again.

What now? You have your flashlights, non perishables and water, phone’s charged and ready, generator is installed…What should you do now?

Keep Your Cool

If there’s a blackout in our area, chances are it’s hot. Keep cool by closing any curtains or shades on the sunny side of your home. Wear light colored, lightweight clothing and drink plenty of water. If you are looking into a backup generator, consider accounting for a portable fan or ceiling fan when calculating your energy needs.  


Power surges are common during outages, and can destroy your appliances.  Unplug any non-essentials until power is restored. Better yet, contact SWFL Electric and ask about our surge protection.

Stay Tuned

Pay attention to local news sources for information about the outage and when the power companies are expecting to have power restored. A battery operated radio or your smartphone is your best friend.

Have the “Know How” on Your Backup

If you have a backup generator, be sure you know how to safely operate it. Southwest Florida Electric offers a wide variety of generator options, including automatic generators that kick on as soon as the power goes out.

Don’t have a backup generator in place? Not sure where to start? We can help you! Southwest Florida Electric is ready to assist you every step of the way; from calculating just the right size generator for your needs, to installation and future service.

Contact us today and we can get you up and running comfortably in any weather.

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