Celebrate Electrical Safety Month This Spring!

May is National Electrical Safety Month!  

Electrical safety should be a top priority for everyone. Ignoring electrical safety measures can lead to severe accidents that can cause harm to people and property. People can help ensure a safe and secure environment by being vigilant and following proper safety protocols. This blog post will discuss crucial electrical safety devices and tips to help homeowners stay safe from electrical hazards. 

Install Electrical Safety Devices 

electricalThe following devices can help prevent dangerous electrical hazards:

  • Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs): This device automatically shuts off power to a circuit if it senses a hazard, like a ground fault, to prevent electrocution.  
  • Fuses and circuit breakers: These are safety devices designed to prevent electrical overloads and electrical fires. However, there are some key differences. A fuse is designed to melt and break the circuit if too much electrical current flows through it and must be replaced afterward, while circuit breakers are more modern and can be reset if they trip. 
  • Tamper-resistant receptacles: Also called child-proof outlets, a tamper-resistant receptacle prevents small children from inserting foreign objects into outlets, preventing electric shock. 

Know the Warning Signs of an Overloaded Electrical System 

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) lists some of the warning signs of overloaded circuits:

  • Flickering or dim lights
  • Crackling or sizzling noises from outlets
  • Feeling a mild shock when plugging something in
  • Smelling a burning odor coming from the socket
  • Discolored outlet plates
  • Frequently blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers 

If homeowners suspect a circuit is overloaded, they should consult a professional electrician immediately. Ignoring this problem, homeowners risk an electrical fire or another problem that could endanger their safety.

Install a Whole Home Surge Protector

surgeA power surge is a sudden and intense increase in the voltage of an electrical circuit. These surges can be caused by lightning, power outages, or high-powered electrical devices. They can cause damage to electronic devices, leading to costly repairs or replacements and even fire in some cases.

Whole home surge protectors are designed to prevent these damaging power surges by diverting excess voltage from the home’s electrical system. They act as a barrier between the power from the utility company and the devices in a home. With a whole home surge protector, any excess voltage is safely directed away from electronic devices and into the ground.

These whole home surge protectors offer a greater level of protection than individual surge protectors that are plugged directly into outlets. They are also more convenient since they protect all the devices in a home at once rather than requiring separate protectors for each outlet. Overall, investing in a whole home surge protector is a wise decision to save people money in the long run by protecting their electronic devices from expensive damage caused by power surges. 

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