Telltale Signs That an Electrical Panel Needs Repair or Replacement

Ways to Tell if an Electrical Panel Needs Professional Help

If homeowners have never had to think about their home’s electrical panel, they are not alone. Most homeowners don’t have to worry about this part of their home’s electrical system often because they are meant to last a long time, around 25 to 40 years. But if homeowners notice the following scenarios, it’s time to have a professional inspect the electrical panel and perform the necessary repairs or replacements.

Lights That Dim or Flicker When an Appliance is Used

lightWhen homeowners encounter dim or flickering lights, the most common conclusion is that the lightbulb needs to be replaced. While this may be the case in some instances, there are times when the light bulb isn’t the real culprit, especially if the lights that flicker or dim in the house only happen when an appliance or device is plugged in or used.

In such instances, homeowners should call an electrician to conduct an electrical panel inspection since lights shouldn’t be affected by something as simple as plugging in or using an appliance. Upon inspection, a technician may recommend repairing or replacing the panel since flickering or dim lights may indicate that too much power is being drawn from the circuit and it can no longer supply the needed power.

A Burning Smell 

The smell of something burning is never a good sign, especially if it comes from the electrical panel, and should never be ignored. This odor can indicate overheating components that can lead to an electrical fire if left unchecked. An overloaded circuit or loose wiring connection could be the culprit behind this burning smell, so homeowners must immediately call an electrician. 

If the burning smell reeks, particularly of burnt plastic or wood, it could be a sign that the plastic wire coating is melting, or the issue could be behind the walls. It’s essential to take action before an electrical fire can occur. Electricians can inspect the electrical panel and wiring and ensure it’s repaired correctly to prevent a catastrophic event.

An Old or Outdated Electrical Panel 

panelElectrical panels typically last 25 to 40 years, depending on how they are maintained and the quality of their construction. Over time, components can become corroded or outdated, making them less efficient and more prone to breaking down. Eventually, they will need to be replaced to ensure the safety and efficiency of the electrical system. If homeowners are unsure of how old their panel is, it’s always best to get it checked by an electrician who can determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Some homeowners, especially those who have just bought or inherited an old home, need to check if the electrical panel on the house they are moving into is working well, when it was replaced last, and if it’s due for a repair or replacement. Doing this helps ensure that the home they move into is safe, giving them peace of mind that they are unlikely to encounter an electrical panel problem once they’ve settled into their new home.

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