Feeling the Pinch of High Electric Bills? Go Green With These Tips!

3 Energy Saving Tips for St. Patrick’s Day!

If homeowners feel the burden of high electric bills this month, they’re not alone. Electric bills can quickly become unmanageable without being careful about usage and conservation habits. With St. Patrick’s Day this month, why not make a resolution to go green in the home and start cutting those hefty costs? This blog post will provide various ways to help take charge of the energy bill and save money while contributing to smarter environmental practices.

Utilize the Home’s Ceiling Fans or Install New Ones

fanCeiling fans can be used to regulate the temperature of a room and make it more comfortable. The direction of the blades affects how much air is circulated in the room, directly impacting its temperature. A breeze is created that cools down the room by setting the fan blades to rotate counterclockwise in the summertime and warmer months. 

In the wintertime and colder months, rotating the fan blades clockwise will circulate warm air throughout the space. This can reduce the need to run heaters or ACs and help save on electric bills. Utilizing ceiling fans is an effective and energy-efficient way to regulate a home’s temperature. 

Turn Off and Unplug

lightOne of the simplest and easiest ways to increase energy savings is to turn off lights and unplug appliances when not in use. By turning off lights and other appliances, homeowners can save money on their electricity bills and help reduce their carbon footprint. Turning off lights and appliances when not needed is especially important if someone leaves their home for an extended period, such as going on vacation or work travel. In addition to saving energy, turning off these devices will protect them from damage due to power surges and increase their lifespan.

It is also important to take advantage of natural light when available and not depend on artificial lighting. Open curtains and blinds, let the sun shine in, and enjoy the free energy! Homeowners can also use timers or sensors to help them remember to turn off lights when they are not needed. By taking a few simple steps to turn off all devices, lights, and appliances when not needed, homeowners can save money, conserve energy, and help protect the environment.

Make the Switch to LEDs

LED lighting offers a number of advantages over other types of lighting, such as incandescent and CFL bulbs. LEDs are more efficient than traditional bulbs, using at least 75% less energy and lasting up to 25 times longer than incandescent lights. This means that LED lighting can save money in the long run, reducing energy costs and eliminating the need to replace bulbs frequently. 

LEDs also produce much less heat than incandescent and CFL bulbs, making them safer to use. Finally, because of their longevity and efficiency, switching to LED lights can help reduce a home’s carbon footprint and contribute to a greener environment. LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting technology, so switching is a no-brainer!

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