Generac Named as a top Home Standby Generators for 2017

While Southwest Florida is absolutely breathtaking year-round, severe weather can quickly become an issue during hurricane season, causing unwelcome power outages and making generators a necessity for any home.This is why it’s important to choose the right generator—without one, you may be left in the dark.

Top 8 Automatic Home Standby Generators for 2017

Generac 6461 Guardian Series

Generac is most known for their safe and effective power output and reliability, which is why it’s no surprise that the 6461 Guardian series tops the list at number one. This series by Generac boasts high safety features which are EPA, CUL, and UL compliant.

A user favorite, these generators prove to be the best due to their easy and reliable operation with hands-free operation and a no-gas-needed approach.

Kohler 20RESAL-100LC16

Coming in at second is the Kohler brand, which features a quick 10-second ramp up when it comes time to power your home. Users love the speed of operation they get from the Kohler family of generators. There’s no need to worry when the lights go out, as Kohler ensures speedy response time, every time.

Generac 6462 Guardian Series

One of the best alternatives during a power outage, the 6462 Guardian Series excels at maintaining the necessities of your home during an unexpected power outage. This series is unique in that it pairs with the Generac load shedding switch, allowing it to further power your home, even with a 3-to-5-ton air conditioner.

Briggs & Stratton 40346

The 40346 packs a real punch. It features 200 amps and is perfect for either indoor or outdoor operation, so users rest assured they have reliable power no matter the conditions during an outage. When paired with the Managed Whole House Power System, the 40346 will supply necessary power to all of your appliances, necessities, and even two air conditioning units, allowing you to stay cool in extreme and humid weather.

Briggs & Stratton 40450

The big brother of the 40346, the 40450 is another hard-hitting generator by Briggs & Stratton. Backed by 10,000 watts and 200 amps, this compact generator is enough to power your entire home’s power system, all in an automatic standby generator. Users love the 40450 because of the flexibility of features it offers, from low-power for necessities only to full power to power up your entire home and AC units.

Generac 6551 Guardian Series

The 6551 Guardian series differs from its sibling in the number one spot by relying on liquid propane or natural gas for operations. However, this does not mean the 6551 is any less impressive. Sporting 22,000 watts, this air cooled generator is powerful enough to keep your home running and gentle enough to keep sensitive electronics charged and usable.

Briggs & Stratton 40445

Perhaps the most inexpensive offering from Briggs & Stratton, the 40445 offers real power in a convenient 8,000-watt setup. It features enough power to cover the essential power circuits of your home and is perfect for ensuring small appliances receive the necessary power they need during an outage.

Generac 6438

Closing our list is another Generac model. The 6438, much like the 6551, runs on liquid propane or natural gas to function. Users love this model due to the speed in which it activates during an outage—most users report mere seconds for the generator to begin automatically powering their home. The 6438 is no light option, with a solid steel casing built for durability and reliability year-round.

So there you have it. As you can see, the top 8 automatic home standby generators of 2017 all offer several unique and powerful options—it all depends on your home and your needs.

At Southwest Florida Electric, we’re proud to be an official and certified dealer for Generac generators. This means you can bring the power of the top-tier Guardian Series to your home right from your favorite Southwest Florida electricians. To get setup with your home’s perfect generator, contact us today and our experts will get you started.   

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