How to Plan Your Home Renovation Wiring and Lighting

Renovating and remodeling are no small undertakings. After all, you want your dream home to be perfect for you. Determining a layout design, choosing colors, and picking materials are tough enough without the added pressure of electrical plans.

However, in order to pull off the perfect remodeling project, electrical plans must be tackled. We know this process can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide will help ease the headache of renovating with the electrical plans that allow your renovations project to proceed smoothly.

Why Electrical is so Important

Without the correct electrical plan, your renovation can go from dream to nightmare. This is because your home’s electrical plan dictates where all outlets can be placed and how lighting fixtures are accessed and activated.

A major annoyance for any homeowner is difficult to access outlets or light switches with placements that make no sense. In order to have a seamless, convenient, and functional home, adequate electrical wiring is crucial.

Power-Reliant Devices

Each electrical plan is unique and largely depends on the room(s) you want to remodel and the devices which each room holds. For example, a kitchen will need sufficient heavy-duty power sources for a large appliance like a stove or a fridge, as well as convenient smaller outlets for smaller appliances like a toaster.

Living rooms often need an abundance of typical outlets for televisions sets, computers, and lamps. However, if you plan on including an electric fireplace in your new living room, the electrical plan will need to consider this as well.

Light Sources

Consider your renovation area’s lighting needs, room size, and how you’ll use the space. Will there be a ceiling fixture which needs to be specially wired? Or standard standing lamps which rely on outlets?

In many rooms, broad lighting may not be enough, and smaller task-based lighting may need to be considered as well. For example, stove lights or under cabinet lights in the kitchen, desk lamps or corner lamps in a living room or study.

When all of these factors are added to the electrical plan, it ensures your lighting needs will be well met.

Placement of Furniture

One of the most exciting parts of renovation is the opportunity to let your inner interior designer shine through. Furniture selection and its placement are seen by many as a functional art form, but one thing is often forgotten during this process: outlet access.

Consider where your new furniture will go, and what outlets need to be accessed in what areas. For instance, if you plan to add a built-in entertainment center on one wall, there should be enough outlets to power the center. A work desk should have access to an outlet nearby for lamps, computers, or other devices as well, depending on your own needs.



Electrical plans and holidays may seem worlds apart when thinking about renovating. However, it is crucial to include how you decorate or rearrange for holidays, gatherings, and events in your electrical plan.

If you like to fully “deck the halls” with lights during the winter holidays, allow for extra outlets during the remodel. If you have a special place for a lighted Christmas tree, ensure the area will have an extra outlet so the tradition can continue.

Additionally, if you like to rearrange parts of your home for large gatherings and add more table or seating, consider if other outlets still need to be accessible during that time, or if extras are necessary.

How Southwest Florida Electric Can Help

The key to navigating electrical plans is to really think about the space you will have once the remodel is finished. Take into consideration everything from quantity and type of outlets needed, light sources, furniture placement, and holiday or event decoration.

One this is all taken into account, our professionals can get to work ensuring your electrical plan is the icing on the cake for your seamless renovation. If you’re ready to take control of your electrical plan and make your renovation that much easier, then contact us today and let’s get started!

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