Take Preemptive Safety Precautions for National Wellness Month

Essential Safety Measures 

Home is the place where people should feel safest. It is where we relax at the end of a long day, where we are greeted by people who love and care for us, and where we leave the stress at the door. In celebration of National Wellness Month, which is dedicated to promoting self-care, happiness, and stress reduction, we should look closer at our homes and find ways to make them safer, healthier, and happier places to spend time in. Here are some tips from electricians to help families stay safer in their homes. 

Stay a Step Ahead With a Smoke Detector

smoke detectorsOne of the easiest ways to improve the safety of a home is by installing smoke detectors. As the name implies, a smoke detector is a device designed to sense the presence of smoke to alert households to the danger and help prevent a small flame from turning into a full-blown fire. 

In the U.S., every home must be equipped with smoke detectors placed in strategic areas in the house. In the event that smoke is detected, these battery-operated devices will trigger an alarm to alert a home’s occupants of the fire risk, so it is essential to test smoke detectors regularly and replace the batteries when needed. 

Be Protected With a Carbon Monoxide Detector

carbon monoxide detectorLike smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors are also a crucial component in maintaining safety in the home. Whether it is a separate device or a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector, they are designed to detect the presence of carbon monoxide. This odorless, colorless gas is poisonous when inhaled and can be lethal, especially in high concentrations. This gas, produced when carbon in fuel is burned incompletely, can be a byproduct of small engines, gas stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces.  

Carbon monoxide detectors are especially important because they help detect what could be an invisible assailant at home. Without these devices, homeowners exposed to carbon monoxide may not even know that they’ve inhaled this gas until they’ve started showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as vomiting, dizziness, headache, chest pain, and confusion. 

Schedule Routine Electrical Safety Inspections

Another way to protect homes and their occupants from safety hazards is by having an electrician conduct regular electrical inspections to determine the health of a home’s electrical system. An electrical inspection, which experts recommend every three to five years, is meant to check whether a home’s electrical system meets current safety standards and if any problems must be addressed to protect residents from electrical dangers like electrocution or fire.

Homeowners should also note that they don’t need to wait the recommended three to five years between electrical safety inspections if they observe any signs pointing to compromised electrical safety. If electrical problems occur, such as flickering lights, sparking, discolored or hot outlets, burning odors, short circuits, or small electrical shocks when plugging in or unplugging a device, an inspection must be conducted immediately.

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