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Prevent Electrical Problems From Giving You a Scare This Halloween

Safety Tips for Keeping Halloween Electrical Scare-Free

Halloween has always been about scares, but no homeowner wants to worry about an electrical scare. As homeowners adorn their houses with spooky decor and lighting, it’s crucial to remember electrical safety. In this post, electricians offer some tips to keep the Halloween season safe from fire and other electrical hazards.

Inspect Electrical Holiday Decorations

One of the best ways to ensure that electric holiday decorations and holiday light installation for Halloween celebrations are as safe as possible is to check the lights and decor for any signs of damage, such as damaged or frayed cords and wiring. Other signs of damage include loose, wobbly bulbs, broken or damaged sockets, and glass bulbs with a smoky discoloration or a telltale black or gray appearance. These indicate that those holiday lights or decor shouldn’t be used and should be replaced.

Homeowners should also take note of the proper way of installing or putting up lights and other electrical decor. When hanging lights, electricians stress the importance of avoiding the use of staples, nails, and other sharp objects as these can not only damage the wires but also conduct electricity and create a fire and safety hazard. 

Prevent an Overloaded Circuit

overloaded outletAnother way to keep holiday light installations and decorating safe is to avoid an overloaded outlet and circuit, which usually happens when too much power is drawn from a single source. To counter this, homeowners should spread the power draw around by connecting their holiday decor to different outlets to avoid overloading circuits

It is also vital to avoid connecting multiple extension cords together. Extension cords shouldn’t be overloaded as well. It shouldn’t have more devices plugged into it that draw more power than it can safely handle, as this can lead to an overloaded circuit that may become a fire hazard. It’s best to plug lights or decorations directly into an outlet.

Some Signs It’s Time to Schedule Electrical Repair

electrical repairSometimes, homeowners may notice signs that indicate an electrical problem while decorating for holidays. It’s essential to have an electrician perform the required repairs before the home uses more electricity for holiday lighting and decorations. Some signs that indicate electrical repair is needed include the following:

  • Dimming or flickering lights: Lights that flicker or dim, especially when another device is plugged into the same circuit, can indicate that the circuit is overloaded or another issue that requires repair.
  • Malfunctioning or damaged outlets: Outlets that show signs of damage, including loose receptacles, burn marks, electrical sparks, and overheating, as well as those that are not working correctly, should be inspected and repaired or replaced by an electrician.
  • Breaker trips or blown fuses: Breakers that trip often or fuses that blow are sure signs of an electrical issue or overloaded electrical circuit. 
  • Burning smell: If homeowners smell burning, it can indicate an electrical problem or even the start of an electrical fire, so it needs to be addressed immediately. 

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