How Electric Car “Friendly” is Florida? Tax Credits, Benefits & EV Charging Station Locations

We’ve been hearing the buzz about the electric car revolution for years, but America is still a long way from making a switch to charge-only vehicles. Or is it?

With many models becoming more and more affordable and charging ports springing up as convenient stops, many Florida residents are shifting to EV. In fact, as of 2018, Florida now boasts over 200 public stations— that figure not including privately owned or home charging stations.

Let’s explore why Floridians are jumping on the electric car bandwagon:

Benefits of Switching to Electric Cars for Florida Residents

Besides the obvious benefits of saving money on gas and being more eco-friendly—  some electric cars, such Tesla Model 3 or GM’s Bolt, drive on 200 miles per charge— electric car owners in Florida enjoy a few additional perks.

Electric Cars Could Qualify You for a Tax Break

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gives vehicle owners a tax break for buying eco-friendly vehicles in the state of Florida. That means, if you own an electric car, you could have a nice write-off at the end of the year, depending on your investment.

For those interested in installing a charging port in their home, you could even seek funding from the government to help finance the EV installation. Businesses in Orlando can also get a rebate if they have charging stations for their customers and employees.

Electric Cars Could Reduce Your Auto Insurance

You could also save money on your auto insurance by switching to an electric car, with some Florida providers granting additional discounts to those with “green driving habits and/or driving a fuel-efficient vehicle,” according to the Department of Motorized Vehicles (DMV). Some savings can be as much as a 10% discount!

Where to Find Electric Car Charging Stations in Florida

Florida itself is flooded with electric vehicle charging stations. Those living in Fort Myers, Florida, for example, have access to nearly 40 stations— all within a 30 mile radius of the city. And that’s one of the smaller cities in the state! There are hundreds of spots to charge your electric car in the sunshine state, alleviating your “range anxiety” and ensuring you always have access to the electricity you need.

Tesla Charging Stations in Florida

The largest name in the electric car industry, Tesla, continues to develop a nationwide network of charging stations, called “superchargers.” As of 2018, they have over 30 superchargers in Florida, charging cars in as little as 30 minutes.

For those with Model S sedans or Model X crossovers, your first 1,000 miles annually are free. These stations are available to the new, lower-priced Model 3 for a fee as well.

Electric cars are so popular in the state, we have our own established Florida Tesla Enthusiasts Charging Network. This private network includes club members who agree to share their home or business charging source with other members. With over 75 locations enrolled, these ports in local neighborhoods make it easier than ever to find the energy you need to drive on.

Public Charging Stations in Florida

You can easily find a public charging station on PlugShare. Whether you need a Tesla Roadster or a NEMA 14-50 port, you can filter your search by eight different charging plugs— so no matter what your car model, there are likely handfuls of options.

From big charging port names like Blink, with 27 ports in Florida, to Webasto’s three stations, PlugShare filters results across 13 different networks to find the most convenient spot to juice up.

These stations are dotted all over the state, often paired with stops you’d hit during typical errands. Charge up at a local Walgreens, McDonalds or mall. Car dealerships, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes in Florida— many have ports.

Some of these electric car charging stations are free, but many are not. Even so, when compared to the price of gas, a small fee for many miles of gas quickly pays off. For example, one driver in Fort Lauderdale told USAToday that she pays only $10 for a 107 miles charge.

The Convenience of a Home Electric Car Charging Station

Although charging stations are readily available in Florida, there’s nothing quite like the luxury of charging your car from the comfort of your home. That’s why many people across the state are choosing to install charging units in their garages or off their driveways.

But can your current home electrical system handle an electric car charging port?

Different electric cars have different charging requirements. For example, some cars use 120-volt, three-prong plugs and charging cords, while others require 240-volts and a minimum 40-amp circuit.

Do you know if your wall sockets are properly grounded— or if additional wiring is required, what amerparge you need for the quickest, most energy efficient charge? Our expert electricians at SWFL Electric do. We can help you customize your charging unit to fit your car’s needs.

Upgrading to a Powerwall could even power your home with solar energy while also charging your vehicle. Ask us more about how we can help on our Contact Us page. We’re here for all your Southwest Florida electrical needs.

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